Clean, Colorful & Contemporary!

A streamlined mix:
Modern components coupled with the “New Classics” (mid-century styles from the 1940’s through the early 1970’s) or an exclamation point moment that takes you by surprise with a favored family heirloom.

A passion for color:
Saturated hue or neutral box! Use it in unexpected ways: raisin-colored closet interiors, Nile-green ceilings or red-lined drawers. Choose white, but paint each room in a different finish.

A love of textiles:
Eye-popping geometrics that counterpoint bark-cloth, python that slithers around satin, mohair married to flannel, velvet inching up chenille, leather lying hand-in-hand with tweed. Risk it! Cut a wide swath.

A taste for textures:
Keeps contemporary from being cold-edged. Consider bamboo with bone, ceramic with fur, glass with paper, lacquer with wool, metallic with plastic, fabric with stone. Think outside the sphere!

A considered balance:
Custom cabinetry and furniture for impact. Retail finds accent and support. Focus on quality carpets, the best sofa affordable and simple, barely there window treatments. Be mindful of task lighting. Provide storage enough to keep surfaces tidy.

“All give shape to the home,
interpreting your life through
the prism of interior design.”

-Kent Brasloff