Each project is distinctive, requiring a tailored design as well as a tailored cost.


Let us help you select an appropriate package for your project from among the following fee summaries, all of which are based on two decades of practical knowledge, real-world design experience and sensitivity to our client’s financial concerns:

The Meet and Greet:
An on-site, no-fee*, initial meeting lasting one-half-hour provides you with an introduction to our staff prior to formalizing arrangements. The terms of our working relationship and appropriate compensation, based on the scope of the project may be discussed.

No design direction is provided.

*applicable in Manhattan only

The Consultation Fee:
A flat amount, covering an in-person appointment to discuss your project in detail, offer ideas and discuss potential costs based on the scope of work. Consultations have a 90-minute minimum charge* up to 1000 square feet. Larger projects reflect larger minimums. One, 15-minute, follow-up phone call or two follow-up emails are included.

*not applicable to any future work

The Ten-Hour Mini-Package:
A ten-hour block of time allotted to your project for any and all time expended by our staff, but applied in any way you choose. This could include consultation services, shopping for materials, furniture or floor plans, site visits, palette selection, purchasing services, installation services, or advice on third-party vendors.

The Mini-Package is great for projects of limited scope or for first time clients not used to working with a designer. You control the speed and direction of your project.

Ten-hour Mini-Packages are renewable each time 8-hours are expended. Unused time expires 60 days from receipt of your payment and is considered forfeit.

The Hourly Fee:
All time expended by our staff on behalf of your project is invoiced monthly at a specified, hourly rate based on the scope of work.

There are no additional mark-ups on services, fabrics or furnishings however a 1/3-of-cost mark-up applies to construction materials.

The Monthly Fee:
A flat charge covering any and all time expended by our staff on behalf of your project in a one-month period.

The Monthly Fee is applicable to each and every month in which our staff expends time and resources on your project and mirrors the level billing plan you may already receive from your phone or electric company.

NOTE: Interior Design Fees, without exception, are taxable by the New York Department of Taxation & Finance


Q: When can you claim that the design services you purchased were too expensive?

A: When you didn’t get what you were promised in your agreement, for the price you agreed to pay; and you have to engage someone else to complete or correct the job!

-Michael Love